Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The First Ever daily "PESKY PRIZE"

Starting today, and each weekday, Pesky Gadabout will honor a Media, Entertainment, or Political figure or event with its coveted Pesky Prize, an honor second only to the Pulitzer, the Academy Award, and the Medal of Freedom.

The very first ever Pesky Prize goes to none other than Tucker Carlson just canned as host of “Tucker,” the low rated MSNBC show, if that’s not redundant.

Now that “Tucker” is toast his replacement is David Gregory, the former Karl Rove dancer. Tucker, who comes across as the kind of kid you beat up in high school even after he stopped wearing a bow-tie wins today’s honor for a booking coup the day the cancellation was announced. He landed Nevada Bunny Ranch Brothel, owner Dennis Hof, to discuss Eliot Spitzer’s morality.

Huzzah, Tucker.

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