Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pesky Doesn't Write Here Anymore

Yup, it's the same guy who used to write about TV News in ShopTalk ages ago.

The same guy who saw his collection of 75 essays from there come out in the hardcover book "A Few Marbles Left" the day after 9/11. 

And who did not feel sorry for himself about that because a namesake "John Corcoran" died in one of the airliners that went into the World Trade Center.

But Pesky Gadabout doesn't write regularly about TV news anymore. 

You can find the same writer on www.breakingsatire.blogspot.com (the primary blog), on www.cork360.blogspot.com (short humor) and, sigh, updating his diet progress and helping you lose your fat assets on www.corkisfat.blogspot.com 

Also on the North American Continent's most renowned publication THE SAGE 

So come visit.